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Zoom Magazine – Free Issue

Dead or alive? I had the same question when browsing Zoom Magazine's website - last issue mentioned there was dated January 1, 2005.

The magazine features a lot of great works (you can see past issues free of charge after registration), so I was eager to know if magazine is still there and e-mailed them. They replied shortly thereafter that the magazine is still alive and I can receive free issue if I send them my postal address. So today is a great day - while checking my mailbox I noticed big pack there - surprise surprise it was super-printed, large-format Zoom Magazine January-February 2006 issue.

Zoom Magazine

There was also a letter there offering subscriptions Zoom and five other magazines published by the same company from Milano, Italy - and the signature there was real (wow!), not one of these inkjet signatures you usually see on that kind of letters. Oddly enough the pack was sent from France, not from Italy. So, it’s nice Friday evening!

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