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Lighttpd Config Includes

Some of us techies have to maintain tens of webservers with different configurations. With Apache, you can easily throw in .htaccess for each website without having to change web server config. It’s not so simple with Lighttpd, that’s why I needed some script to join global configuration file with a local one. Some perl coding, and lighttpd config merge script is ready.

Installation and usage

  1. Install Tie-IxHash perl module:
    • Gentoo users: emerge Tie-IxHash
    • Other distros: perl -MCPAN -eshell cpan> install Tie::IxHash
  2. Backup your configuration
  3. Call joincfg like follows, then start lighttpd: joincfg global.conf local.conf > new.conf lighttpd -f new.conf


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