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Canon 50D, or Truth About DPReview

I like DPReview. I thought after Amazon bought it it will become more corporate, but it looks it’s still as biased as it used to be:

Let’s get things straight. None of D90 features are very different to Canon 50D, but there are several quite important differences:

Nikon D90Canon 50D
Viewfinder magnification0.94x0.95x
Histogram in live viewNoneRGB
Live viewSlow mode only (contrast-detect)2 modes (contrast detect and phase detect)
Focus points11 focus points (1 cross-type sensors)9-point TTL CMOS sensor, all cross-type for lenses of F5.6 or faster
Lens correctionChromatic aberrationsVignetting, distortion and chromatic aberrations
Viewfinder dioptric adjustment–2.0 to +1.0-3.0 to +1.0

As you can see, these 2 cameras are not even in the same class, although the price difference is very small - around $250.

So, after weighting all pros and cons, I chose Canon 50D, and I must say it’s an excellent camera. Photographic experience is totally different than it used to be with my old Canon 350D.

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